My journey as an artist has been a convoluted one, starting when I was very young and meandering its way through a degree and masters in Occupational Therapy as well as over 10 years of working in mental health settings, where I facilitated groups in art, pottery and creative opportunities for individuals.

Art has supported my work with a broad range of people in a coaching and therapy capacity. Working with individual to carve out a life with meaning, authenticity and support them build the courage and skills to move in the direction they want to in life. Creativity allows people broader thinking, away from the should’s and oughts to daring to grow beyond these.

Art has always been a constant in my life, an old friend that I forget how important it is and visit again and again. Over the last 6 years I have increasingly focused my energy and time on building up skills and experience in art, “getting miles of canvas under my belt” as one tutor described it.


More recently I have started to allow my signature to develop, a language that is often centred around being greedy with colours, focusing on relationships and interactions and creating a contrast between playful unsettling subject matters, influenced by my background in psychology and fascination with people.

My work is open to transitions and changes in my life and having recently moved to Bangkok I am curious and open to how this shows itself in my pieces.